For more than 12 years, fashion has been my way of discovering the world, expressing myself and relating to people around the world. 
#sandraweil is a life project that was born from the deepest bottom of my heart with the purpose of expressing my artistic vision through fashion. 
I discovered that clothing has a powerful and profound capacity to make us feel good. 
All my designs are created to translate the personality of those who wear them, to highlight their creative power and the energy and strength of each woman. 
I’m sure that no matter how we use fashion it can be a great healer. We believe that in this way we create a better world, a world that vibrates in love. 
We have been growing organically, thanks to this shared vision with all those who collaborate in this process of creating clothes. 
Our company is a zero waste brand committed in giving back to society through the support of various social projects in a conscious and reserved way. 
Today we understand that this work becomes even more relevant for our community, which excites us a lot! We have been overcoming the adversities under a mantra: Be the change you wish to see.